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"Cutting edge solutions for a dangerous world"

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Cutting edge solutions for a dangerous world





CTT Solutions is a disabled Veteran owned small business specifically tailored to the needs of higher level military, law enforcement and civilian training. The owner and all adjunct instructors have extensive operational experience in military special operations or law enforcement based on client needs. We are dedicated to providing a program of instruction that meets and exceeds industry standards and client expectations. Because adjunct instructors are chosen specifically for each job and are nearly all currently operational their bios are not listed but will be provided on request to the client.


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About Mike


Mike Pannone is a former operational member of U.S. Marine Reconnaissance, Army Special Forces (Green Beret) and 1st SFOD-D (Delta) as well as a competition USPSA pistol shooter holding a Master class ranking in Limited, Limited-10 and Production divisions. He has participated in stabilization, combat and high-risk protection operations in support of U.S. policies throughout the world as both an active duty military member, and a civilian contractor.


Mike has become one of my favorite instructors to learn from, not only because of his deep knowledge, but because he’s a genuinely nice guy who wants his students to succeed. As a SWAT cop and a guy who teaches on the side, I’m confident behind the gun, but I never leave Mike’s class without learning something new. Mike has a direct and simple way of explaining the ‘why’ behind everything and because it’s from him, you know it’s right.
— Jason Tillberg (San Jose 2018/2019 Classes: Covert Carry, LE Carbine, Pistol)


Mission statement:

CTT Solutions provides the highest level of firearms and tactical training,related program construction and technical consulting available. All training is designed to meet and exceed industry standards and client expectations on a client driven custom basis.

I fired 2400 rounds of M193 through a 14.5” M4-type upper receiver from Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM) with no lubrication, and without any rifle-caused malfunctions. So; why can I get my direct impingement rifles to repeatedly do things that conventional wisdom says they can’t do?
— -Mike Pannone