ctt_2daycarb_mr2a2091_121716_fb23WANT TO HOST A CLASS WITH US?

While we always are interested in training at new venues, we have occasionally encountered some problems to include:
            -the host not actively effectively promoting the course resulting in low enrollment
            -the host waiting until less than 30 days prior to the course to push enrollments
Keep in mind that Mike has to pay in advance (min of 30 days prior or the ticket can double in price) for a flight and if the scheduled course is not robust, the cost of a flight, hotel, car rental, ammo, targetry, and range fees alone can result in a course not being cost effective.
Additionally, we may turn away other courses requested for a class we scheduled with a host, and if that class does not fill, we have lost revenue from turning away the other class.

Therefore, we are instituting the following policy:
            -The host will contact us to schedule a tentative date and type of course requested
            -The host will enroll and accept payment for 8 or more paid slots before the course date is secured and confirmed.  Promises to pay by students is not sufficient
            -As the host lives at the location, he or she is responsible for promoting the class.  CTTS will help by putting the course on their website and social media and provide a flyer if requested to help promote the course
            -Within 30 days of the course, the host shall have 14 paid students for the course to proceed and for Mike to book a flight.
            -The host shall handle all enrollments if this is a new venue.  For venues we have a prior relationship and that have demonstrated success, CTTS can handle enrollments and payments.
            -The host shall receive 2 complimentary slots for their efforts.  1 complimmentary slot per 7 paid students.
            -Minimum enrollment is 14, with a maximum of 18 paid slots.
            -For locations that Mike can drive to or are within 8 hours of Tucson, AZ. minimum can be 10 paid slots.