Have the requisite skill level:  CTT-Solutions does not teach open enrollment classes at a basic level. When we reference skill levels, we are specifically addressing weapons handling skills. We are not so concerned with accuracy, but your ability to manipulate a pistol or carbine is directly related to your safety on the range and it directly effects how aggressive the curriculum can be for the whole group. All classes require intermediate to advanced weapons handling skills leaning towards the advanced side. The Covert Carry course is specifically intended for intermediate to advanced shooters and is not suitable for beginners. ***Covert Carry is not a “CCW class”*** it is an extremely aggressive and challenging curriculum and is only suitable for those with rehearsed, safe and proper weapons handling skills. We will refine your skills at the class but there must be a solid foundation prior to attendance.  Before coming to a CTT-Solutions class, you should have either attended a recognized training course on pistol or carbine (as applicable) or have participated regularly in competitive action sport shooting: USPSA, IDPA, 2-Gun or 3-Gun. Always contact us if you have further questions before enrolling.

Waiver of Liability:  A Waiver of Liability must be read and signed prior to any course.  Waivers are provided prior to the class and are also available at the class prior to training.  A signed waiver must be received to conduct any training.  There are special requirements and a special waiver for the Covert Carry Course.

Compliance with State and Federal laws:  You are required to know the requirements for the proper use and possession of firearms in the particular State under which the training is being conducted to include the bringing/transportation of firearms from one jurisdiction to another.  You must be a US Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident to take a course.  Nonimmigrants MAY be permitted to complete a course, if in compliance with Federal Law and applicable State law and with permission with the host range facility.  Nonimmigrants are encouraged to go to the ATF website to learn about compliance with Federal Law.  Nonimmigrants should contact us with and must notify us of their status and provide proof of compliance with state and federal law.   A list of individuals who cannot possess firearms is provided here.  Please seek legal counsel if you are unsure whether you can possess a firearm.   https://www.atf.gov/firearms/qa/are-there-persons-who-cannot-legally-receive-or-possess-firearms-andor-ammunition  

Agree to our Class Cancellation Policy:
–If cancelled within 60 days of the first day of the course, a full refund shall be issued.
–If cancelled within 45 days of the first day of the course, a partial refund shall be issued.
–If cancelled less than 30 days of the first day of the course, no refund shall be issued.  However, a credit will be given if the student wishes to attend another course within the calendar year. 
–If cancelled, but the slot can be filled via a wait-list, a full refund shall be issued.
To cancel, please call or email Mike at Mike@ctt-solutions.com
Refunds take approximately 7-15 days to process and reflect on your credit card account.
**Class prices may vary based on range fees, location, and travel costs.